CDs featuring the bass trombone

SOLO bass trombone CDs
Anderson, Ed: The Occasional Clam
Bahmann, Armin: Double
Bahmann, Armin: Fantastic
Bollinger, Blair: Fancy Free
Chevaillier, Claude: Joue
Cieslik, Siegfried:
Posaune und Klavier
English, Bryan: Collage
Hawes, Randall: Barn Burner
Jansen, Jos: Blue Topaz
Klay, Eric: WindSong
Knaub, Donald: Sound Waves
Knaub, Donald: Retread
Markey, James: On Base
Markey, James: Off Road
Pollard, Denson Paul, Up From Below
Reynolds, Jeffrey: The Big Trombone
Schulz, Stefan: Around the World
Schulz, Stefan: Berlin Recital
Taylor, David: Bass Trombone
van Dijk, Ben: First Song
van Dijk, Ben: Melody
van Dijk, Ben: Never Alone
Vernon, Charlesn: American Music for Bass Trombone
Warburton, Janathan: Moving On
Yeo, Douglas: Proclamation


Atlanta Trombone Project: Road Work
Attema, Brandt:
duo Attema Haring (Contrabass trombone and Harp)
Brubeck, Chris: Bach to Brubeck
Edwards, Brad: Trombone and…. (Concert Duets)
English, Jon: In Memorium (William Hibbard)
Ewazen, Eric (composer): Bass Hits (featuring David Taylor, Charles Vernon, Stefan Saunders, John Rojak)
Fulkerton, James:
Christian Wolff works for trombone
Pederson, Tommy: All My Concertos
Siders, James: Small Bear, Large Telescope (Music of Carson Cooman)
Taylor, David: Five (music of Charles Wuorinen)
Taylor, David:
Words Within Music
Taylor, David: Brass (featuring subZero by Daniel Schnyder)
Trudel, Alain: Actuelles
Vernon, Charles: Ellen Taafe Zwillich
Yeo, Douglas: Two of a Mind

Miscellaneous CDs

George Roberts: Meet Mr. Roberts
George Roberts: Bottoms Up

Denson Paul Polland / James Markey: Bass Trombonists Listening Guide to Excerpts from the Opera and the Orchestra